From Likes to Leads: How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business:

Engagement and like:

Influencer marketing is a more powerful tool which will be suitable for all sizes of business. It helps the brand to reach the targeted audience.Build relationships with customers to drive sales to business growth. It is also a cost-efficient alternative way for traditional marketing advertising channels. The higher reach and potential return on investment (ROI) make influencer marketing an essential way for considering it as an option for businesses of all sizes. Influencers have built their own followers with trust and credibility; The trust transfer can positively impact customer perception and contribute to long-term brand loyalty.

Engagement such as likes on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, indicates that users are interested in appreciating your content. Reach, impressions and engagement rate also increase when the users give a like to your post. It also increases the visibility of the post.

Content will become valuable and engaging content when the likes of posts get increased. It acts as a social proof for growth in social media. Post with higher likes attracts users and also encourages them to comment, share and save the posts. Potential customers get attracted through this engagement and the social media algorithms boost such posts organically to reach more valuable and relevant users.

We can also understand that the higher the chances of getting likes to our posts if it is relatable to our audience and it provides feedback on the type of content that resonates with your audiences. It helps in targeting the audience through the insight gained. This insight can also be used for making the content better than the previous one and generate a better result.

Leads and Conversions:

While likes denote the interest of the customer, likewise the leads take social media marketing to the next level by converting the user into a potential customer. The individual’s thoughts can be understood by the companies or brands through these leads. contact, leads-generating campaigns or forms helps in collecting such information for leads.   

Generating leads through social media is a direct platform for building relationships between brands and potential customers. By collecting contact information like phone numbers or email addresses they can easily target the wanted audience and send marketing campaigns, personalised messages, and more valuable offers. This ongoing relationship-building process increases the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

Like wisely collecting the information they can also use that data and promote any other products to the same customer and filter even shorter and find the best-targeted audience. After collecting the first set of data they can also find the look-a-like audience, who will be similar to the taste of our audience. This can also help in boosting sales.

Tips for improving lead conversion rate:

Be patient:

It takes time for a lead. Don’t expect every lead to become a conversion. Focus on quality content which will easily help in conversion.

Follow up promptly:

It is important to follow up promptly for the lead to reach you. This shows how interested you are and how good you will be responsive to your customers.  

Focus on benefits:

When you’re talking to leads, focus on the benefits of working with you. What problems can be solved? What result can they expect? By focusing on the benefit, you can make it more likely that leads will see the value in what you have to offer.


When personalised communication is there, leads can be shown their interest and easily understand them. This helps in building trust in the company or brand, which helps in more conversion of leads.


Likes help in increasing visibility and engagement on social media platforms, Leads are the actionable contact that enables you to establish direct communication with potential customers. Both likes and leads play a vital role in social media marketing strategy, you can boost your online presence, drive engagement, and ultimately convert interested individuals into loyal customers, leading to the overall growth and success of your business.

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