Learnings on Digital Marketing- 7 reasons why you should learn?

Learnings on Digital Marketing: 7 reasons Why you should learn?

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On behalf of Stratechgy, I wish you all a happy new year! May this new year bring joy and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Many of us have set goals to achieve something productive this year, such as losing weight, having a healthy diet, learning something new, and more. If you are currently searching for job opportunities, it’s important to note that employers are looking for candidates who possess the required skills. If you are considering a career in digital marketing, this blog is the perfect resource for you.

Why you should learn Digital Marketing in 2024?

Reason No.1 The Rise of Digital Marketing

The law of demand states that as prices go down, the demand for products or services increases, and as prices go up, the demand decreases. To create this demand gap, marketers tend to create artificial scarcity in the market. However, digital marketing is in increasing demand in the market, so the prices are relatively affordable. Nowadays, individuals are expected to be skilled in digital marketing rather than working as a sales representative or marketing head with just a degree in marketing and sales. Many business schools offer Masters in digital marketing to meet this demand. It’s not the institution that matters, but how efficiently you learn and study. You can also learn at your own pace by attending various seminars, webinars, and workshops provided by digital marketing training institutions to equip yourself with the necessary skills.

Reason No.2 Skill Grasping

Learning digital marketing enables you to acquire various skills that are essential for your professional growth. As a startup, company, service provider, or organization, you can promote your business digitally without relying on traditional methods. Google serves as a platform where we can access information from various sites based on what we search. Have you ever wondered how a website is ranked in the top search results? It is determined by the website’s content and keywords. Effective content and efficient keywords are the key factors that determine your market success. To understand this, you must learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To optimize your social media presence, you should learn Social Media Marketing (SMM). To increase your website traffic and improve your search engine rankings, you should create blogs as backlinks. To do this, you need to learn how to write engaging blogs, which is a part of Content Marketing. You can enhance your knowledge with free online certified courses that offer self-learning opportunities. Alternatively, if you prefer classroom learning, several digital marketing institutions provide affordable certification courses. At Stratechgy, we offer digital marketing courses at an affordable price. Visit our site,

Reason No.3 Cost Effective

Digital Marketing is considered a cost-effective method to promote your business compared to the traditional way. Let us take an example of how digital marketing is considered to be cost-effective. If you are going to inaugurate your new hotel in Anna Nagar you need to arrange banners, and celebrity walk-ins, which will cost you lakhs to promote your new niche. But if you are involved in advertising your business digitally by using Meta and Google Ads, collaborating with influencers, and scheduling posts on your social media pages is comparatively less than the traditional way.

Reason No.4 Career Opportunities

There are many career options in the field of digital marketing, with an increasing demand for professionals in recent times. Large companies like Fresh Works, Paper Flite, and Delta X often recruit digital marketing executives from college campuses. Small-scale businesses also require various roles such as SEO specialists, content writers, ads managers, email marketing executives, influencer marketing specialists, performance marketers, social media marketing specialists, and digital marketing campaign specialists. Additionally, you can start your digital marketing agency or offer digital marketing services as a freelancer.

Reason No.5 A Money-Making Process

Do you know that there is a competitive salary for digital marketers and freelancers? The salary the companies fix for the digital marketing role is comparatively high compared to other white-collar jobs. Furthermore, it is anticipated that these compensation packages will rise in response to the expanding need for digital marketers and the rising costs associated with hiring them. It is important to remember that these compensation packages are intended for individuals who have formally studied digital marketing and have a thorough understanding of the field, not for inexperienced or amateur digital marketers.

Reason No.6 Growing Entrepreneurial Skills

A digital marketer can also be an entrepreneur by establishing this new venture in the monopolistic competition. Even though there is a recession in the market there is a futuristic scope for digital marketing. You can start a side gig or your own business by using your digital marketing skills. You can expand your business rapidly and reach a worldwide audience with digital marketing. Diverse competencies, including creativity, technical know-how, analytics, and communication, are needed for digital marketing. Being an interdisciplinary field, it lets you hone a wide range of abilities.

Reason No.7 Digital Era and Recent trends

The current generation, consisting of Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha, is experiencing significant changes and updates in the digital world. With new advancements in technology emerging each day, people expect something different and the world is delivering just that. Some of the latest trends include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Science. How do these trends relate to digital marketing, you may ask? Well, digital marketing is the process of promoting products or services digitally, rather than using traditional methods. Artificial Intelligence, being one of the best creations by humans, is designed to reduce the workload of humans and various AI tools can be used to help with digital marketing. Data Science can be utilized to extract relevant data for business growth and analysis. Incorporating these trends with digital marketing can lead to success in your business.


Digital marketing can be a great career choice for you. Based on the points discussed above, you can imagine yourself in a higher position after learning digital marketing. Choosing a career is a significant step towards achieving your goals, and the better you do, the more you can enjoy. I hope that you have gained some insight into why learning digital marketing this year is essential. If you are still confused about whether digital marketing is the right career for you, feel free to visit our website at,

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