Net Flexing and BTS – Behind The Strategies

Net Flexing and BTS - Behind The Strategies

As we are humans, we need entertainment, right?  There was only one source of the medium that could bring some relief, relaxation, and fun during the 80s and 90s and that was only done through televisions. But today we have many entertainment platforms such as social media, OTT, and online and offline games. The Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen Alpha are the current generation users of these entertainment mediums. People are expecting more entertainment these days and the market leaders also never fail to provide what the customers are expecting.

Net Flexing and Chilling:

Have we ever wondered what could be the reason people concentrate more on OTT platforms rather than watching television? And we also didn’t expect the rise of the OTT platforms in recent times. Net flexing means watching (a film or TV series) using the Internet streaming media provider Netflix. As per statistical data, Netflix ranks top among the OTT platforms having more than 231 million paid subscribers all around the world followed by Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, HBO Max, HULU, etc. Netflix has a very deep and broad variety and assortment containing various movies, series, shows, and documentaries. Digital marketing is the main reason for their massive success. It refers to the way to promote a particular product or a service by using various digital modes. Their segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies made them stand as a lone wolf among the others.

Net Flexing Strategies:

Netflix was a DVD-selling company in the 90s and later it started to telecast movies and series on their website. They also expanded their market across the world in 2016, before 2016 it gave access to telecast the movies and series only in limited countries. Even though Netflix has been also restricted by some countries it always remains as a king. The way they segmented the genre is accepted by all the audience. Let us understand how the STP strategies are adopted by Netflix. People living in India watch Korean and Japanese movies and series whereas people living in Korea and Japan watch Indian movies and series and this is called segmentation. The craze for Squid Game (a thriller Korean series) by Indians and the craze for Muthu (a Rajini film) by the Japanese is called targeting. When the people of those countries started to search for other Korean, Indian, or Japanese series this is called positioning.

Net Flexing and Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

Netflix has a website called where users can watch movies and series by subscribing to the account using an email ID and password. Their website and app are designed with red and black as their prime colors. The Google search engine also ranks the website at the top. The result of showing the website Netflix at the top is due to the effective SEO strategies they established with keywords whichever is required for them. They also listed their social media handles in the search engine.

Social Media Marketing

Netflix has various social media accounts to promote their business according to the region and locality. Their social media accounts are being handled by various admins. It has Netflix,, Netflix. uk, and so on. The main motive for having effective social media is to make the targeted product or service reach the end users. Since Netflix is a streaming partner, its main motive is to persuade customers and make them to subscribe its OTT platform. Social Media Marketing refers to engaging the audience with recent trends and lifestyles. Using various hashtags, and generating videos, posts, memes, and reels makes the audience connected with them. For promotions, they engage in going live sometimes on Instagram. They were also involved in interviews with celebrities on YouTube. They also use the X platform for giving movie updates.


Netflix just peaked during the pandemic happened during 2019. As of 2023, Netflix had 247.15 million subscribers. That represents an increase of 8.76 million subscribers from the previous quarter and a YoY growth of 10.8%. We can also expect a rise in subscriber count in upcoming years. This could also cause a reason for the depletion of television channels as various OTT platform users feel that it’s worth the cost they subscribe to. The OTT Era has already started with a bang. Don’t miss out on being a part of this revolution!

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