Swiggy vs. Zomato – A Corporate Marketing War

Swiggy vs. Zomato – A Corporate Marketing War

Nowadays, everything is becoming digitalized, and every sector is booming tremendously due to this trend. “Your pack has arrived at the doorstep” is a message that has become familiar to many of us. It’s the notification we receive after our food order has been delivered by a delivery partner. More and more people are now choosing to order food online instead of eating at a restaurant. According to data, the number of people calling restaurants directly to place an order has reduced significantly since the emergence of food delivery apps. In the Indian market, there is intense competition between two popular food delivery platforms, Swiggy and Zomato. In this blog post, we will explore how these two companies are fighting against each other to gain and retain brand loyalty among their customers

Correlative Connection:

Swiggy and Zomato are two food delivery companies that work together to ensure that food items are delivered to the right customers at the right time. Both companies aim to establish their brand in the minds of their target audience and are constantly looking for ways to improve their business. They outsource people for delivery and partner with various restaurants across the country to expand their reach. No customer should experience hunger, therefore both marketers strive to provide the highest quality service to their audience. But when it comes to competition both the companies differentiate themselves by adding some competitive advantage to their service.

VAV - Value-Adding Advantages:

Connecting lives, inter-cities, and voice

Zomato established a separate zone by creating opportunities for the local vendor by opting for the delivery of food for their small-scale business. It has onboarded around 900 street vendors in North India under the Digital India Campaign, soon it will also expand to the southern belt. The company provides an inter-city delivery option, which allows customers to receive their orders on the next day after placing them in one city. Additionally, they have introduced voice delivery instructions to the delivery partner to make the process smoother.

Integrating AI, drones, e-commerce

We had thought that the delivery of Swiggy was faster than Zomato it’s because of their AI-enabled delivery. Our order will only be completed when the delivery partner arrives at the destination, so we can easily track the order, and the chances of faking the delivery of the order are completely suppressed due to this. Swiggy also initiated delivery orders through drones in Delhi and Bangalore which is Drone Delivery a revolutionary logistical method in recent days, we can expect this type of delivery in other parts of the country in the future. It also introduced Instamart, and Swiggy Genie to promote e-commerce, so that users can avail every opportunity to buy groceries for their consumption.

Promotional Activities:

Promotion is the fourth P in the marketing mix. Without promoting your business, you cannot lead in the race. When it comes to promotional activities, a marketer should focus on something different from the other competitors. The 5 major traditional promoting activities are Advertisements, Sales promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing. Besides traditionally promoting their business they are also involved in digitally promoting their business by using digital marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content marketing, Email marketing, etc. Let’s see how they incorporated every promotional activity into their business

Eye-catching Advertisements

There is a famous dialogue in KGF chapter 2 spoken by Actor Yash, where he says, “Violence (3), I don’t like violence but violence likes me.” Similarly, we often say, “Ads (3), we don’t like ads but ads like us.” Although we may not enjoy watching advertisements, marketers have to advertise their products. Zomato has chosen Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador for promoting their product, while Swiggy has Cyrus Shakur as their brand ambassador. Both brands create eye-catching, colorful advertisements based on seasonal trends. 2 years before Anirudh Ravichandran was the brand ambassador for Zomato with a caption called “Nama Zomato”.

Effective Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Swiggy and Zomato engage their customers with offers and discounts on each day. Zomato gives a golden subscription option to its users to reduce the charge for delivery as Swiggy has offers like every item on Rs.99. Rs.139, Rs.169 which is an effective odd pricing strategy technique used by them. They also involved in public relations to know what the customers are feeling about their service, what are the new features they are expecting from the brands, how to, and so on. For this, they appoint a public relations officer who is responsible for doing such things.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Keywords are very important for ranking. According to the data, Zomato has more keywords comparatively Swiggy has fewer. Due to this Zomato ranks top in the SERP search engine result page.  By providing organic content both brands optimized their website for on-page SEO results. By providing relevant blogs doing off-page SEO as backlinks increased their app traffic. They are also involved in doing Pay-per-click by converting their CTA (call-to-action) with the help of Google ads. They also do personalized content messages daily reminding us to use the app. During Diwali days Swiggy used to send a personalized message as “Don’t forget to celebrate Diwali with us. We have discounts for sweets and decorative items” influencing us to do cart on Instamart. They also remarket by sending emails to us referring to offers and discounts. Zomato’s mail on Eid insisting to, “Order mutton biriyani from your favorite spot”. By creating trending memes, shorts, reels, and posts they are involved in social media marketing using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


It’s quite difficult to choose a winner between Zomato and Swiggy because everyone has their own opinion. Some people might feel that Zomato is better than Swiggy, while others might feel the opposite. However, we can safely say that these two are the most popular food delivery apps in India. Although there are other apps like Uber Eats, as well as new startups like ONDC and Eat Sure, Zomato and Swiggy are still the most popular among people. With their various pricing and promotional strategies, Zomato and Swiggy are considered the best food delivery apps. People appreciate Zomato’s choice of restaurants, while Swiggy is praised for its on-time delivery.

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